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An inviting place to gather and connect or a convenient place to grab-and-go. Buttery, flaky, chewy, gooey, rich, and fresh-baked goods. Hearty, complex, artisanal sandwiches. Creative and tempting specials of the day.  Your cafe space and your thoughtfully curated menu build your brand and bring your customers back each morning and afternoon, but coffee is at the heart of what you do.

Put the same care and consideration into your beverage menu and partner with The Coffee Lady Company to design a completely customized and full-service coffee program that exceeds the standards set by your competitors.


Supporting Your Unique Cafe Experience

The Coffee Lady Company can provide an unparalleled level of service to support the beverage program at your cafe. We embrace our small and approachable company size while committing to providing a level of service as comprehensive as our largest competitors. This unique model means you get access to all of the products and equipment but with a customized approach, and the personal touches that make every difference. We provide the following services for our Cafe Clients:

  • Equipment Supply and Maintenance: If you are looking to buy specialized coffee equipment for your cafe or if you would like to consider the option of a program that allows you to borrow equipment, we have the solution for you.
  • Coffee, Tea, and More: Our program gives you access to a variety of local and established brands of coffees, teas, and syrups, and everything else you need to offer your customers a top-notch handcrafted, specialty beverage menu.
  • Custom Branding: The Coffee Lady Company can help you source a proprietary blend and build a brand for coffee service and retail so customers grow to count on the quality and flavour of your roasts in-store or at home. We can also supply your cups, lids, and other branded containers.
  • Responsive, Full Service: Don’t let supply shortages, equipment failures, and inconsistent products impede your ability to provide your customers with the best cafe experience. We are small and local and provide efficient and reactive service on short notice every day of the week.

Local Supporting Local

Our local business is committed to supporting your local business with the highest quality products and unsurpassed service to ensure that your customers know where to find the best coffee any time of day. The Coffee Lady Company offers a personal beverage program design with attentive and dependable delivery and service leaving you able to focus on giving your customers an amazing cafe experience.

Our Service Menu

We have been providing customized, efficient, and profitable solutions for coffee service since 2011. Backed with decades of experience in the hospitality industry, we have the skill and the insight to create the most comprehensive and full-service programs for your business. If you have been disappointed with unreliable service from your account representative, inferior beverage products, and equipment that doesn't perform, explore the ways The Coffee Lady Company can provide your business with a better cup of coffee.

Cafe Service FAQs:

We partner with the industry’s most respected and innovative coffee equipment specialists. This gives you the option to purchase high-end equipment at partner pricing or to lease it with our unique complimentary, no-term leasing program. Contact The Coffee Lady Company to find out more.


Absolutely. The Coffee Lady Company can help you source out your signature coffee blends that you can buy in bulk for in-store use or package and brand for retail sale.


We, too, are committed to supporting our community and partner with a number of local artisans and suppliers like Paradise Mountain Coffee, Joffee’s Coffee, and Vedic Teas.


The Best Coffee Solutions in Calgary

The Best Coffee Solutions in Calgary

Don’t try to navigate the complexities of designing, building, and managing an exceptional coffee service program alone. Partner with our passionate, knowledgeable, and committed team to create and administer your program for you. When you partner with The Coffee Lady Company you are essentially bringing Calgary’s most competent beverage service experts in-house and incorporating the best solutions into your beverage program. Connect with our team and explore your options for an elevated coffee experience now.

Brewed To Be Better

The Coffee Lady Company is Calgary’s best choice for bespoke and comprehensive coffee service programs across a variety of sectors. Our model of superior service, premium products, and top-of-the-line equipment allow you to provide the pleasures of a great cup of coffee in your business. Call +1 (587) 433-7897 to learn more.


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