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Golf Courses

The Early Morning Tee Time. For die-hard golfers, there is no better way to start the day. If you want your golfers to hit the links feeling energized and alert, call Fore, assess your Follow-Through, and make sure your coffee menu is hitting a Hole-In-One. Today’s coffee drinkers have higher expectations for their brewed beverages.

Save them a stop at their local cafe and provide your clients with a coffeehouse-quality caffeinated cup right at the course. Partner with The Coffee Lady Company and create an in-house coffee experience with everything you need.


Service Above Par

The Coffee Lady Company provides superior coffee service programs to golf courses across Calgary and the surrounding areas. Our comprehensive programs are customized to provide your patrons with premium beverages. The benefits of partnering with us for your in-house coffee program are:

  • Access To Superior Equipment: Forget about the standard industrial-grade coffee brewers. We can provide you with two options to get top-of-the-line coffee systems in-house. Offer your customers specialty coffee choices like espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and more. Your two options are:
  • Purchase: We partner with the industry’s most reputable suppliers to facilitate your purchase of high-end coffee and beverage systems.
  • Borrow: Our no-cost, no-obligation program gives you access to our first-class coffee systems.
  • Full Service: The Coffee Lady Company provides full-service coffee programs. We will install, service, and maintain your equipment, manage products and supply, personalize delivery schedules, and support and train your staff.
  • Exceptional Beverage Products: Offer your customers beverages crafted with locally roasted, organic coffee. Customize your drinks with specialty syrups and quality mix-ins. And explore our Private Label Program for retail revenue streams or for promotional and marketing opportunities for tournaments and invitationals.

You are committed to providing your clients with an elevated golfing experience with well-designed and immaculately groomed greens, delicious and creative dining options, and world-class facilities. Partner with The Coffee Lady Company to provide a coffee experience to your clients that matches your standards.

Our Service Menu

We have been providing customized, efficient, and profitable solutions for coffee service since 2011. Backed with decades of experience in the hospitality industry, we have the skill and the insight to create the most comprehensive and full-service programs for your business. If you have been disappointed with unreliable service from your account representative, inferior beverage products, and equipment that doesn't perform, explore the ways The Coffee Lady Company can provide your business with a better cup of coffee.

Golf Course Service FAQs:

Placing orders is easy. Call, email, or text your order for next-day delivery. Or consult with our team to determine pars and create a custom seasonal weekly delivery schedule so you are always well-stocked.

Contact us immediately if you are experiencing equipment issues. We can help troubleshoot, then service the machines ourselves or engage a certified technician immediately. If necessary, we can swap out the equipment and minimize downtimes.

We know the golf business is seasonal and we can work with you to ensure you are well-positioned for the season. We do not require term contracts and you are free to terminate services at any time, no strings attached.

The Best Coffee Solutions in Calgary

The Best Coffee Solutions in Calgary

Don’t try to navigate the complexities of designing, building, and managing an exceptional coffee service program alone. Partner with our passionate, knowledgeable, and committed team to create and administer your program for you. When you partner with The Coffee Lady Company you are essentially bringing Calgary’s most competent beverage service experts in-house and incorporating the best solutions into your beverage program. Connect with our team and explore your options for an elevated coffee experience now.

Brewed To Be Better

The Coffee Lady Company is Calgary’s best choice for bespoke and comprehensive coffee service programs across a variety of sectors. Our model of superior service, premium products, and top-of-the-line equipment allow you to provide the pleasures of a great cup of coffee in your business. Call +1 (587) 433-7897 to learn more.


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