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Our restaurant service customers are very intentional with every detail of what they offer their guests. The placement of each table, perfectly weighted cutlery, lighting that evokes the right mood, the aprons for the wait staff; these are all deliberate choices. Then there is the attention to each ingredient as they construct their menu: the best supplier of organic greens, a partnership with a local artisanal bread maker, the wine pairings. Every decision is made to create a unique dining experience.

When you partner with The Coffee Lady Company you create a partnership with a local provider with a passion for coffee that rivals your passion for your restaurant.

Our Team For Your Team

The Coffee Lady Company offers you the opportunity to create an in-house coffee program that supports your brand and meets your standards for quality. A great program doesn’t have to eat up the time resources of your team. Instead, put the responsibility for supply, equipment maintenance, and program management into our experienced hands. When you partner with us, the benefits are:

  • Streamlined Processes: We can create a customized delivery structure, efficient processes like pre-ground product and portion packs, and equipment service schedules that fit seamlessly into your existing process flow. 
  • Brand Support: We can help you source a completely bespoke flavour profile with a product that speaks to your brand. Select a coffee that makes a statement, with tasting notes that complement your menu. Ensure that your customer’s last sip of the night is as memorable as every bite they had throughout their meal. And we can even private label your selection for retail sale or for marketing and promotions.
  • A Coffee Master On Your Team: You have your problem-solving, multi-tasking FOH Manager, your innovative and meticulous Chef, and your Sommelier with an unrivaled palette. Maybe coffee isn’t a big enough category to warrant a dedicated staff member on your team, but that doesn't mean you don’t want to provide an elevated coffee experience to your patrons. With our passion, our connections, and our unparalleled knowledge of all things coffee, when you partner with us, you have the city’s best resource for all things coffee right in-house. We can share that passion and knowledge with your staff to ensure that they know about the coffee experience they are providing and can competently operate the equipment even during peak business times.

The Coffee Lady Company is committed to providing Calgary restaurants with the ability to access top-of-the-line coffee equipment, the best coffee available globally, and offer a coffee experience that matches their standards for quality and service.


Our Service Menu

We have been providing customized, efficient, and profitable solutions for coffee service since 2011. Backed with decades of experience in the hospitality industry, we have the skill and the insight to create the most comprehensive and full-service programs for your business. If you have been disappointed with unreliable service from your account representative, inferior beverage products, and equipment that doesn't perform, explore the ways The Coffee Lady Company can provide your business with a better cup of coffee.

Restaurant Service FAQs:

Absolutely! When you partner with The Coffee Lady Company you are supporting us, a female-owned, locally-based small business. You also support our local business partners including Paradise Mountain Coffee, Vedic Teas, Joffee’s Coffee, and many more.


There are benefits to both options. Our no-cost leasing program allows you to have premium coffee equipment on-site without the capital investment. If you prefer to buy, we can connect you with reputable sellers and you can leverage our industry buying power for the best pricing. Contact us and let’s talk about the best options for you.


With The Coffee Lady Company, you will never speak to a call centre; we answer the phone ourselves. We know the challenges and irregular hours of the hospitality industry and are committed to responding to our customer requests as quickly as we can. Your emergency is our emergency.


The Best Coffee Solutions in Calgary

The Best Coffee Solutions in Calgary

Don’t try to navigate the complexities of designing, building, and managing an exceptional coffee service program alone. Partner with our passionate, knowledgeable, and committed team to create and administer your program for you. When you partner with The Coffee Lady Company you are essentially bringing Calgary’s most competent beverage service experts in-house and incorporating the best solutions into your beverage program. Connect with our team and explore your options for an elevated coffee experience now.

Brewed To Be Better

The Coffee Lady Company is Calgary’s best choice for bespoke and comprehensive coffee service programs across a variety of sectors. Our model of superior service, premium products, and top-of-the-line equipment allow you to provide the pleasures of a great cup of coffee in your business. Call +1 (587) 433-7897 to learn more.


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